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Flourish Wellness | RED LIGHT THERAPY


The application of red and infrared light on humans has been studied for decades, but only recently has it become widely available to the general public. This is the only non-invasive and non-toxic treatment of pain, inflammation and aging that has no known side effects!

What is Red and Infrared light?

Red and infrared light are natural wavelengths of light that are emitted by sunlight and firelight. Red light is visible to the human eye, while infrared is not. Unlike UV light that damages the skin, red and infrared light are not harmful and it does not tan the skin.

How does light therapy work?

Much like plants use sunlight through photosynthesis to make energy, our cells can absorb red and infrared light to create our own currency of energy, ATP. This means every cell in the body can use this light to create energy which then allows the cell to perform its cellular function better! This light also helps each cell go through a natural healing process while it reduces oxidative stress. Free radicals can build up in the body if they are not neutralized by periods of rest along with an anti-oxidant rich diet, over time this leads to the oxidative stress and degradation in cells. Extensive research during last two decades has revealed oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation, which in turn contributes to chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and pulmonary diseases.

Why should I try Red + Infrared Light Therapy?

As we age, cell regeneration slows and oxidative stress builds. By applying Red light therapy, the cells can perform at an optimal level. Many people call this therapy the "fountain of youth"​ because it leaves you feeling like you did when you were young. Aches and pains vanish, joint function increases, there is improved cognitive function with betterment to memory, sleep cycles are improved, plus so many more benefits.

If you're an athlete, Red + Infrared light therapy will help you build more muscle, burn more fat, increase your athletic perfromance during training or in competition and most importantly will help with recovery after. Literally every person and every system in the body can benefit from red + infrared light therapy.


Reported subjective feedback from clients after just one session in the Full Body Red + Infrared therapy bed:

• Temporary euphoric feeling

• Increased energy levels
• Improved sleep patterns
• Improved mood

• Improved skin clarity and tone
• Improved bowel function
• Decreased swelling of extremities
• Increased energy
• Increased mental clarity
• Increased general sense of well being

Numerous scientific studies have shown red + Infrared light therapy can:

  • Increase energy production

  • Increase circulation

  • Reduce oxidative stress

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Trigger cell specific repair processes. These cellular mechanisms result in:

    • Improved muscle performance

    • Increased exercise times and capacity

    • Reduced pain

    • Improved joint motion

    • Enhanced wound healing

    • A release of certain brain compounds that positively affect mood and sleep

    • Improved immune function

    • Faster and better quality tissue repair

    • and much more.

These outcomes may not apply to every person, and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Occasionally some clients may experience mild fatigue, discomfort, or aches after treatment. These responses should reduce after 24-48 hours, if they persist notify your technician at your next appointment.

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The services and products offered by Flourish Wellness are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent diseases. Flourish makes no claims, representations or warranties regarding the ability of it's services or products to cure any physical or mental conditions.
A qualified health professional should be consulted with regard to any condition requiring medical attention. Each individual's success depends on age, weight, general health, level of fitness, level of activity and compliance with recommended treatment times
and intervals.

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